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To the Martyrs of Karbala
Narration: Taha Kazim Zaidi
Recitation: Aeliya & Ali Kazim Zaidi
Poets:  Mirza Dabeer, Syed Aal-e-Raza, Wazeer Haider,
Our Father Sayed Murtaza Kazim Zaidi,
Our beloved grandfather
(Late) Dr. Syed Manzoor Mahdi
and with heartfelt appreciation to
(Late) Syed Nasir Jahan
Cassette Cover Design: Aeliya Kazim Zaidi
Recording: Signal Sound Studios
Coopersburg, PA USA.

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1: Hamd---Tu Hi Bharosa
2: Dil Hai Mayra Vila-e-Payumber Leya Huay
3: Shabeer Ka Dilon Main
4: Kah'aan Kah'aan
5: Ghabra'aygi Zainab Listen online

1: Ye Hazrat-e-Abbas Hein
2: Mujh Ko Baaba Sada Do
3: Ghush Khain Ge
4: Bikhray Parre Hein
5: Salaam-e-Aakhir Listen online

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