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A Note on
By Sayed Murtaza Kazim

Muraqqa Chughtai reflects the composite of brilliant, empathetic, and substantiated illustrations innovated by the great artist, Abdul Rahman Chughtai. He is one of the finest artists of the East. He has enlivened the selected pieces of the poetry of Ghalib by tracing his skillful, delicate, and elegant art-works in an exceptional way. Since Ghalib himself is an unparalleled poet of the East, the task, therefore, Chughtai has highlighted on the pieces of papers in colours, is challenging and tender, both. It is unparalleled, too. It is not easy to trace Ghalib's highly composed grammatical language, figuratively extemporaneous poetry, and literary linguistic traces into picture-forms with relevance, beauty, and charm. He depicted Ghalib's compendium with attained intelligence and gifted diligence. These rare and original art-works of Chughtai are the stunning expressions of the imagery of the East. The verses of Ghalib and their illustrations by Chughtai provide a symmetrical effect. It furnishes a sweet, serene, and touching eloquence in the background. There exists an understandable delight, a tender feeling, and a touching realism in those art-works of Chughtai.

Though Dr. Allama Iqbal and Dr. James Cousins have paid their rich, deep, and admirable recognition to Chughtai, but by reading their tributes, it seems in essence, that they still wanted to express more commendations.

It is true, life is ever moving. Life is a unique gift of Almighty Allah, the Luster! Each and every cell of human physique is a living miracle of Allah, the Justice. Human is the most talented, expressive, and beautiful creature, Allah has created. For Allah Himself surpasses the boundaries of Beauty, Talents, and Expressions, unknown to mankind! The word "create", the dictionary reminds for, is for Allah only, but Allah did gift aptitudes to humans. Allah is the most expressive Artist. Humans watch and do applaud His unique colours, designs, and paintings, He sketches on the horizons of the sky daily. Nevertheless each gifted human is humble and submissive. He understands, he is handicapped, too. Such gifted humans are artists to a certain degree. Some of those artists are created as unique experts and dedicated individuals. They are talented, expressive, and undoubtedly their art-works are beautiful. And Chughtai is one of them! His art-works reveals these qualities.

All praises are due to Allah, the Creator! Bestowed to human, as the treasure, both the head and body are vital. Of both, eyes and hands are the souvenirs of Allah, the Artist, the Inventor! Eyes mirror the human character, while hands reveal the pragmatic dexterity of human earning pattern, the Creator has catered to. Fingers are most significant! Chughtai has very justly, elegantly, and expertly painted the eyes and the fingers of the persons in his images. Chughtai is extremely capable!

In fact the combination of words-in-poetry of Ghalib and traces-in-colours of Chugtai in Muraqqa are marvelous, indefinable, and unquenchable unification of persuasive eloquence and artistic opulence.

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