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These rare and original art-works of Chughtai are the stunning expressions of the imagery of the East. The verses of Ghalib and their illustrations by Chughtai provide a symmetrical effect. It furnishes a sweet, serene, and touching eloquence in the background. Please click here to see a note on Muraqqa-e-Chughtai.

Chaman ka jalwa ...  
A'ina daykh ...
Ghum-e-husti ka ... ҃
Hanh mah-e-nau ...  
Qatray main ...
Bulbul kay ... ͜͜  
Na gul naghma ...  
Saqi bajalwa ...
Ro main hai ...

More to come soon ... ۫͜


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͜ ʛݛ ͜

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